About us

James Campbell Tours is a Family Business Founded In 2005

We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and we design Custom Private Tours and Small Group Tours in Scotland, Ireland, England And Wales. We are an environmentally friendly tourism business and all our tours are designed to benefit local businesses. Our itineraries are designed to include hidden gems and we visit local communities which are off the beaten tourist path. We are a small family run company specialising in once-in-a-lifetime and boutique travel experiences. We design custom and small group tours for travellers, who have the spirit of adventure to go beyond the usual tourist sights. On our tours you will discover history, culture and scenic beauty. We take you to the best local food and drink places and most of the accommodation we use are accredited with the Green Tourism Scheme.

100% of our clients rate us with 5 stars. You will find this on review sites, social media and here, on our website. Since our first tour in May of 2005, we have consistently had fabulous feedback and we have made many friends along the way. Our attitude to travel is to create lasting memories and make new friends.   

All our tours are privately guided by James, local experts and other knowledgeable and friendly guides. We use luxury, spacious, air-conditioned vehicles which sit high on the road and are comfortable yet still able to access the smaller back roads.

When you book a tour with us, we see it as a privilege to take you to some of the most wonderfully scenic places in the world! One of the most enriching aspects of travel is meeting people from across the world and making new friends.

James Campbell Tours conducts all its touring and business in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way and we support local business owners. We believe in equality amongst people and across all nations.

Our story so far…

James Campbell Tours provided its first tour of Scotland in May 2005 for Mr & Mrs Shell of Arkansas, USA. They were staying at The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland and we are proud to say we still provide private tours of Scotland for The Balmoral Hotel.

However the love of travel for the Campbells started much earlier than this. In 1956 my father Mr James Campbell senior travelled on one of the many emigrant ships from Greenock, Scotland bound for New York, USA. The ship then travelled on to Canada where he set up home in Montreal. A couple of months later my mother Mrs Janet Campbell made the same journey from Greenock to Nova Scotia and on to Montreal to be reunited with her husband. They spent two and half years in Canada but then made the decision to return to Scotland their homeland. Their stories of travel to the new world always fascinated us when we were growing up and we are proud to say we continue to explore - finding a spirit of adventure, in their memory.

James Campbell

I was born in Edinburgh and have lived in this historic city ever since – it is my hometown! My first travel adventures were, as a young boy, with my family to the Scottish Highlands. Our family trips to the Western Highlands, Sutherland and the Cairngorms still live long in my memory and I now love spending time in those areas of Scotland with my own family.

I have travelled throughout Europe and the USA and enjoy local history, photography and walking in remote areas.

I gained my experience in the travel industry working with an independent travel agent in Edinburgh, designing specialist tours throughout Europe and the USA from 1998 – 2005. In 2005 we set up our own tour company.

I continue to travel for leisure and business purposes and love finding new places and creating itineraries for our customers to enjoy.

Evie Campbell

I was brought up in a village called Longniddry in East Lothian, outside of Edinburgh, until I was 12 years old. We then moved into Edinburgh and my love for the city began. Every childhood holiday was spent camping round Scotland, where we took in the local historical sites and climbed the odd mountain. All the while my mother had the joy of feeding a family of four for two weeks using only a 2 ring gas stove! At 18 my love of European travelling began when I went inter railing spending the majority of my time in Italy. After 3 years, studying Theatre Studies, at University in Northern Ireland I moved to London after I graduated. I spent 10 years in London working in a variety of different industries; television documentaries, holistic therapies and the philanthropic department of a large corporate company. I loved every minute of it and still feel that London is my second home however I always felt that Scotland was the place I was truly meant to be. I returned home in 2001 met James and the rest, as they say, is history.

Andrew Laidlaw. Evie Campbell's Dad and a Glasgow man, he introduced us to long distance walking and camping in Scotland!

A family business...