Local Flavours

All our tours are designed with local flavours in mind. When planning your tour we include many hidden gems as well as the famous tourist sites.

When we started the tour company we knew what was important to us, to provide ‘off the beaten track’ experiences. We arrived at this decision after our own travels across the UK, Europe and the USA where some of our most memorable moments happened when we ventured away from the normal tourist spots.

The phrase, local flavours was born out of our love for local food and drink, but we also extend this to cultural, scenic and historic places which are frequented by locals. Our itineraries are designed to include an authentic experience and we have gained a reputation for delivering tours of genuine quality.

The other benefit we are proud of, is supporting communities which may not get as much tourist spend as popular sites. We donate to local charities where they help young people get involved in tourism and outdoor activities.