What we do

Custom designed private tours. Small group tours of discovery Including walks. Environmentally aware tourism. Local Flavours tours supporting local businesses.

We design custom private tours of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales specialising in unique and local places. We offer small group tours to off the beaten track places too. We are a green tourism company and our Local Flavours tours support local businesses. We explore places away from tourist crowds delivering an authentic experience. Our tours cover natural beauty, history, culture and the best food and drink experiences from local artisans. 


A private tour with us ensures you and your partner or family group are travelling in the safest possible way, without strangers in the vehicle with you. You can be reassured that we follow all current Scottish government guidelines. We have a clear perspex screen between you and the driver/guide and we deep clean our vehicles after each tour. We provide you with your own hand sanitiser so you can use it whenever you want and don't have to share. We ask that you bring your own face mask so you feel comfortable, however we have backups if you forget. You can be confident when you travel with us. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook get in contact for exclusive 2021 reduced rates.

100% of our clients rate us with 5 stars. You will find this on review sites, social media and here, on our website. Since our first tour in May of 2005, we have consistently had fabulous feedback and we have made many friends along the way. Our attitude to travel is to create once-in-a-lifetime memorable trips for all of our clients.   

We support responsible and environmentally aware tourism. Our tours take you to the centre of local communities so you get a true flavour of the place you are visiting. In doing this, we support many businesses from local arts and crafts to restaurants, cafes and pubs! 

We recommend and book your accommodation - we know the best places and we work with providers who have gained awards in Green Tourism.

We recommend and book restaurants, we love great food and we want you to experience tasty local food too.

We can book your castle, historic house, and other tourist attraction tickets. We book tours of whisky distilleries and many other tours of local food and drink producers..

We provide transfers at your arrival, and to your departure points.

Our itineraries are known for their insight into local gems as well as famous tourist sites. We are sympathetic to over tourism and plan our itineraries accordingly. We take back roads and explore so you get the most out of your day. We deliver on authentic experiences due to the many contacts we have made over the years.