Discover Autumn

Discover Autumn in Scotland.

29th October 2020.

We are always thrilled to be conducting a tour into Perthshire and the Scottish Highlands in the months of September, October and early November – we like to wax lyrical about this time of year Scotland, we are now incredibly pleased to say that we are designing a new tour called, A Glow in the North – Scotland in Autumn. This one-week tour takes you to the absolute best autumnal places in Scotland, with visits to highland countryside where you will see the most beautiful autumn colours of orange, yellow, gold and red set against the majestic backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. In Scotland the mountainous landscape, which is broken up with glistening rivers and beautiful lochs, is the perfect scene for the trees, bushes, shrubs and terrain to show off its changing beauty. As we move from summer into winter, Autumn makes this transition of the seasons glorious. It eases us into the darker nights, guiding us out of light filled summer nights, preparing us for winter.   

Our tour, which is offered both as a private tour and a small group tour (maximum 6 passengers), will also include our trademark, Local Flavours theme. The ethos of Local Flavours is to get you off the beaten path, support local business and be an environmentally aware tourist. We are living in a time of over tourism and one of the best ways to be ‘aware’ is to visit local and go off the beaten tourist track. The hotels we work with have been accredited with the ‘Green Tourism Scheme’. Visiting in the off-peak season, being with a local guide and leaving no trace behind are aspects of Eco Tourism, which we support.   

We have handpicked charming and cosy accommodation which have quality bedrooms with luxurious facilities, delicious home-cooked food, atmospheric bars with open fires and, of course, a fabulous Malt Whisky Selection. There is nothing quite like a malt whisky and the autumn season, they go hand in hand!

Sightseeing on the tour includes stunning autumn landscapes across three regions of Scotland – Perthshire, Royal Deeside including Speyside and The Highlands.

We visit old castles which are set in impressive tree lined grounds. We explore Palaces and ancient ruins. With the approaching midwinter solstice, a turning point in the early pre-Christian calendar, we explore what it meant to the people who lived in this northern land. There are many stunning viewpoints over the Scottish landscape to enjoy as we travel around, and you will be amazed at just how beautiful Scotland can be as we approach the off season.

We have teamed up with one of our favourite Speyside Malt Whisky Distilleries and you can enjoy an extended special tour. You will see the full malt whisky making process on a fabulous distillery tour. You will learn about the history of the distillery, the people involved there and, at the end of the tour, you can sit back and enjoy a selection of the fine whiskies on offer. Whisky is Scotland’s gift to the world and there is nothing quite like visiting a distillery in the autumn or winter to enjoy a drop of the gold stuff! Slanje (Cheers as we say in Scotland)  

We do include walking on this tour, so a modest level of fitness is needed. We don’t go to a strenuous level and at most we aim to stay in the easy to moderate level of walking. Most of the walking is on paths on the flat, along riversides, and through countryside. We do go on the hills too, but only at an easy or moderate level, so this part of the tour will suit all levels of fitness. We can go at any pace, there is no rush, you will be stopping to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the views anyway!

One of the many wonderful places we visit on the tour is around Loch Ness and surrounding area. We have been treading very carefully around certain parts of Loch Ness over the last few years as it has been suffering from severe over tourism. In saying that, the loch is 23 miles long, so there is enough space to view this spectacular natural phenomenon and we make use of some excellent viewpoints away from the crowds. The forested areas around the loch burst into a spectacular colour of autumn golds and reds, and this really is the unsung hero of what is arguably, the most famous lake in the world!

Running west of Loch Ness is what is said to be by many, the most beautiful glen in Scotland – Glen Affric. It is always a highlight to travel into this remote part of the Scottish Highlands and to do so during the Autumn Colour season is an absolute gem of a trip. You really do feel the essence of ‘leaving it all behind’ as you travel deep into this glen of absolute beauty and tranquillity.

The built heritage and cultural sites we visit are fascinating and provide an interesting aspect to each day. The clan and cultural history of Scotland is known the world over and we include this and other fascinating stories of old as we travel around the regions on this tour. There is a lot to see in these parts of Scotland so your days will be filled with much beauty, history and culture. Your discovery does not stop in the evenings too… We know the best local restaurants and bars for that all important quality local food and drink. Sit back and reminisce over your day in a fabulous local restaurant, finish your evening with a whisky or a cocktail and then retire to your hotel room with everlasting memories as you enjoy a relaxing night, ready for the next day of adventure. As with all our hotels and guest house accommodation they have been accredited with Green Tourism awards. They use local produce and support local businesses and they also keep up to date with current green issues in their local area.   

A Glow in the North will be available to book soon. We have fantastic offers for the 2021 season, and we can’t wait to take you there.