Scotland Travel Blog – 27th March 2021.

A very pleasant half day private day tour from Edinburgh, is to take the road north out of the city to the nearby towns of South and North Queensferry. North Queensferry sits on the north shore of the Firth of Forth and to drive to it you must cross the beautiful new bridge – The Queensferry Crossing, into the Kingdom of Fife. When crossing this new bridge, which only opened in 2017, you can enjoy fantastic views of the other bridges crossing this stretch of river. A Firth is a name for an estuary, or an inlet of the sea in Scotland. It just so happens in this case, the river is called The Forth, which makes for a bit of a tongue twister!

The now middle bridge in this group of three, is the suspension road bridge, which opened in 1964 and is simply called the Forth Road Bridge. It is, in my opinion, just as impressive as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, but maybe not as beautiful, our bridge is painted Battleship Grey! However, the Forth Bridge (the Rail Bridge), well this is one of absolute beauty, and maybe is, the most beautiful bridge in the world?

Opened on the 4th of March 1890, this is a Victorian engineering wonder. This bridge is the right colour - a kind of rust red, (just like the Golden Gate!)

The Forth Bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When the bridge opened it had the longest single cantilever bridge span in the world at 1,709 feet. On completion of the bridge, it was the world’s longest with a span of 1,709 feet. The Quebec bridge in Canada knocked it into second place when it opened in 1919, and it still holds onto its second spot today. Work began on the bridge in 1882 and it was finished in eight years, which is remarkable for its sheer size. The bridge is still used today as trains hurtle north and south as part of the east coast train line, linking London to Aberdeen, although most of the trains crossing are commuters, connecting the Kingdom of Fife to Edinburgh.

Whether you are in North or South Queensferry the views of this old bridge are amazing. Photograph it up close, or catch it at an angle, or from afar, and your photographs of it will not fail, it is that beautiful!

On the north side of the Firth of Forth is the lovely little village of North Queensferry. This is a peaceful village and is perfect for a stroll down to the water for that famous view. You can enjoy a drink at the Ferry Bridge Hotel The Ferrybridge Hotel, Fife, Scotland supplying excellent food and cosy accommodation You can enjoy a scrumptious lunch at The Wee restaurant THE WEE RESTAURANT a fabulous addition to the Scottish food scene.

On the other side of the Forth is the larger town of South Queensferry. There is a large parking area by the bridge, where you can park up and wander under it and walk along the shore to the Dalmeny Estate. This a great walk and well worth doing, it can be as little as half and hour or a full day around the estate. Back in South Queensferry, there are ample places on the high street to peruse. It is a charming high street and has recently popped up on lots of social media as one of the most picturesque village streets in Scotland. Shopping in South Queensferry - This is Edinburgh

Like North Queensferry, the views of all three bridges are amazing here. There are lots of food and rink options in South Queensferry and we love Orocco Pier Orocco Pier - Boutique Hotel South Queensferry We also love, and have been going to The Hawes Inn for many years. The Hawes Inn is where Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired to write his brilliant book, Kidnapped. https://www.vintageinn.co.uk/

A question we get asked a lot is, “Why is this area called Queensferry”? The answer is Queen Margaret put on a ferry for pilgrims on their way to St Andrews in Fife. It is fitting that the new bridge has been named The Queensferry Crossing!

We offer day tours to South and North Queensferry and to St Andrews and the Fife fishing villages. Please contact us for a private tour of Scotland, designed just for you.

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