The Open Door

The Open Door.

Our Scotland Travel Blog.

17th February 2021.

During lockdown, we have been working on bringing you many new travel experiences, so that when we are out in the country again, doing our tours across Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales we will include the absolute best of places to take our guests. We are looking at new routes with the most outstanding views that include stopping off points for walking, including short walks for the best photographs. We are including more ancient sites from the Roman and Pictish times on our tours too. We have also been looking into and have included the most fascinating castles and ancient religious sites, which are off the beaten track across Scotland.

We are keeping in touch with our friends and partners in the travel industry across the country, as this is the perfect time to build relationships and make new ones. I can honestly say that we are busier than ever right now as we refine what we are as a tour company and where we want to take the business moving forward. Travel, like many other businesses, will be different after Covid-19, and we are looking right into the core of our business, at our brand – Local Flavours.

Our Local Flavours tours are designed to encourage your spirit of adventure. They are about exploring places away from the mass tourist sights, but still have a Wow Factor! The tours explore and discover historic hidden gems which are worthy of a visit, and we also stop at local places to support local businesses. Local Flavours is also about taking you to the best food and drink places. We support local food and drink producers, and when on our tours, this part is always so much fun, as it is where you get to meet the local’s just doing their thing, and we love that! You can be sure that built into every one of tour itineraries, is a local experience that you will enjoy just as much as that epic view we took you to earlier on that very same day.

We are working on our website too. Like travelling itself, we like to keep things moving along, and this includes updating the website to include new features in our business. We were so thrilled to receive a Gold Award for Green tourism. We achieved this with our commitment to protecting and caring for the environment and the lengths we are going to on sustainable and Eco-friendly tours. We scored highly in our support of local businesses. We are so thrilled about this as our brand, Local Flavours, has been recognised as a vehicle to help and support businesses in communities with much lower tourist activity. We will dedicate a blog to our Gold Green Tourism award very soon and include what are doing with regards to environmentally aware tourism and tours

We are always keen to make our website are visitor friendly as possible, and we are always adding new photographs which show the best of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. We are adding new tours in our tour collection and we will be working on this over the next couple of weeks. We will be promoting these new tours on our social media pages. We are very excited about these new tours as they include all the best places from previous tours, as well as new experiences and routes to which will perfectly compliment the Local Flavours aspect of our tours. We are always supportive of new ventures in travel and the food and drink industry and we look forward to seeing our friends soon.

We were looking over our logo, which we do love! It was designed by the man who designed our website too, Darren Wilson. The mountains in our logo are there to represent the wild beauty we feature on our tours, the lochs are there to represent the many lochs (lakes) and rivers across Scotland, the UK and Ireland. The cottage represents our built heritage from a local’s perspective (we also love cottages and villages!)

On looking at the cottage, we realised we might be able to make it look even more appealing! Should we open the door a little? We thought about this for a while and the more we thought about it, the more it made sense in what we are trying to say – step inside, experience, enjoy, spirit of adventure, the list goes on. The door was opened, and we love this logo even more now! We are in the business of welcoming people to our country, to come on our tours, to explore and discover new places. The door should, and will always be, open…

The open door of the cottage also harks back to a highland and village life – our door is always open for you. Or, to put it the Scots way, “come awa in” meaning, “come in, you are welcome.”   

The open door also lets you know that we will always endeavor to take you to the best places. To open the door to the best heritage and attractions on our tours. And this includes restaurants and local places too.

The open door is a positive gesture for the travel industry in general. We are holding it open. It is a reminder that there is an amazing world to explore out there when lockdown is over and touring in Scotland resumes.

By simply opening the door of the cottage in our logo has had a most positive effect on our outlook. Everything will open again, and tours of Scotland will resume! We have opened the door on our little cottage, and we look forward to welcoming you in…