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Scotland Travel Blog – 10th March 2021

Some tour operators say they include off the beaten track and hidden gems, but it will only be quick stop. We love discovery and off the beaten track, it is ‘what we do’.

We are so lucky to be working in an industry we love, and there is nothing better than putting a travel itinerary together for a client who has requested a private tour of Scotland. Since 2005, our tours have gained a reputation for including local experiences and hidden gems as well as visiting some of the more popular sights. Whether you are booking a staycation trip in Great Britain, or a trip overseas, a holiday, or vacation, has become an almost essential part of our yearly plan.

When we receive an enquiry for a tour of Scotland, or other destinations in the UK or Ireland, the first thing we do is thank you for choosing us to provide you with a quote and itinerary and then we get to work to design the best tour for you. We ask a few questions. We think this is the most important part. We know our destinations better than anyone, but you have an idea of what you want to see and do, and we want to know this. The type of questions we ask are, what kind of experience are you looking for, are there any specific sights you wish to visit and what type and standard of accommodation are you looking for (bearing in mind we mostly work with quality accommodation providers who have Green Tourism awards.)

We ask what kind of food you like and if you have any dietary requests, (we love good food and drink!) We also ask how long you wish to spend in each destination. We always advise at least two nights, but some clients want three or more nights in each destination. It is those details we want to get right, because the tour must run to your requirements. Our expertise in tour planning will do the rest. We have been awarded a Green Tourism award due to our attitude to tourism and our support of local businesses and off the beaten track places. Private touring tailor-made just for you – James Campbell Tours

We custom design your tour to include your wish list with our recommendations, so you get the most out of your time when on tour with us. We include the best sights, food and drink experiences and local places so you get a true flavour of Scotland. We tell you stories of old and new, we enlighten you on the Scotland of today and we always have fun along the way. This is ‘what we do’ and we love it!

People generally know what they want from a tour. However, there are a few things which may pose a problem, such as, finding good accommodation at the right price, how to get the most out of my tour, and what are the best places to visit? Other things which also need attention are the best food and drink experiences and local knowledge. So, if it is a quality tour you are looking for then there is much research to be done. If it is a ‘Highlights of’ or ‘Classic Tour’ you are looking for, then there will be many operators offering such tours. But what about, local discoveries, hidden gems, off the beaten track etc?

We get excited about local discoveries, whether they are historic, cultural or just downright fascinating! We love building them into our itineraries, so you get that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We make connections when we travel, and these could be with the people we meet, the place we visit or the feeling we get. Travel is, without doubt, one of the luxuries a lot of us are lucky enough to have in our lives. And one of the best times in our lives comes before the trip! It’s the planning of, the looking forward to, the excitement of what is about to happen in the not-too-distant future. Whether it is a staycation trip within your own country, or a trip overseas, the moment you leave your front door, the adventure begins… Who does not love that?    

We know that, without doubt, the most memorable thing about a tour is the unexpected or the off the beaten track gem. It has happened to me on my own travels, I love it every time and I actively seek out such adventures.